From the top right in smaller kanji SAIKOKYUHIN (very best quality)
Reads on the stone top from the upper left down in kanji in larger letters
SHO HONZAN SUITA (correct original mountain finish suita strata stone).
And down the middle right again SAIKOKYUHIN

A monster size stone with enormous width and thickness that is a true grade
24 stone with remarkable sharpening qualities. The stone as it appears in the
photos looks buff color on the top surface, but when seen from the side it
looks white. This is because these old mined stones have oxidized on the top
exposed surfaces over the years. It is a microns thin layer and it will wear off
within the first few stones is pure white when it dries.

This is a deep strata stone that is easier and faster to use if you use a DN to
build a paste, but without a the paste you can still sharpen if you have some
advanced sharpening skills.
SUITA #209
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