From the top right in large kanji OHIRA KOZAN  AWASE-DO (Ohira Mine Finish
Sharpening Stone)'
To the center left is IPPON SEN (or #1 selected piece). And to the bottom right SANJU
KATA (size 30 grade model)

This namito strata tennen toishi finishings stone is pure from top to bottom, back to front,
side to side the color is even throughout. A fantastic looking stone that is fine enough to
hone razors to the maximum of closeness and comfort or to finish a plane blade for the
final passes that give a bright shiny finish to the wood that makes it shed water.

A medium hard stone that will slowly give up a slurry with just clear water or if it is used
with a diamond nagura the cutting speed is exceptional. This is old school Ohira mine
rock from the 1950s.
8 1/8 x 3 x 1 1/2 inches