Shinden asagi kamisori toishi #300

A large classic green/blue with yellow undertones asagi stone from the long lost Shinden
mine that was, and is famous for their superb suita stones. This tomae asagi stone is
solid and dense and came from an excellent shelf of stone within the mine. When first
handling this stone it is hard to believe that it will hone a razor or anything because it
feels exactly like silk. This stone profoundly displays the definitive attributes of the
kamisori toishi category by being ultra smooth and fast cutting.

As with all of my stones I shave tested each and every one, and this stone was super fast
and easy to use and produced an excellent smooth and comfortable shave.

The sides and back were lapped and polished and are expertly sealed in cashew
lacquer, under the lacquer on the end is written in kanji "Shinden".

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat and the edges beveled.

This stone came within a collection that I bought from a fellow who spent years
assembling and identifying Japanese tennen toishi, specifically kamisori toishi, and it
was he who wrote the attribution on the end that is sealed under the lacquer.
Mt. Agato as seen
from Kameoka
Grit Fineness
Size 162-82-25
Price  $750  SOLD
For Razors
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back guarantee, minus the
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