Grit Fineness
Size 120x84x25
$475  SOLD    

This is one hard Nakayama transitional tomae from one of the lower tomae layers. It has a yellow face and a
deep hard dark body which will eventually present it self to make this stone in to a true level 5+++ stone. In this
stone you can see how a tomae kiita layer can transition from yellow to dark greens into deep hues. This stone
is as hard and smooth as glass and it could be used has a hone that will cut steel and then polish said steel
all in one step. Looking at the end in bright sunlight the skin just screams Nakayama with the sparkling blacks
and the classic ochers to burnt umbers found in the skin tones of the mine.

The shape and size of the stone allows it to rest perfectly into the palm of the hand. I guarantee that you will
never see a stone like this again. The back makes it look like it was just yanked out of the ground, no chisel or
saw marks. The pointed end and the diagonal end have the natural kawa skin, the two parallel sides are
sanded flat and smooth. This stone has a animal like quality and is far off the road when compared to most
other stones you will see. Remember that all of my stones come with a money back guarantee minus the
shipping. This stone may be more than most users can handle.

I honed a vintage Henckels razor on this stone and the results were a best barber type edge that yielded
perfect shave. A tested and matched tomonagura will be included with this stone.

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat, the sides dressed and the corners and edges beveled unless
otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a money back guarantee minus the shipping.

This stone and the other kamisori toishi on my site are from a world class private collection of over 400 pieces
assembled in Japan over the past years in the area around Toyama by a collector of shaving implements. I
was lucky enough to purchase total collection over the last 2 years. Many of the hones were actually used by
barbers, some dating to the 1920s or earlier, while others were simply prepared by the miners as razor hones
as evidenced by the size and fine quality of the stones grit composition.