Shipping and Return Policy

SHIPPING STONES, costs and fees.

is prepared to:

Offer Free Domestic Shipping within the United States of America for
purchases over $50. Shipping costs for purchases under $50 will be paid
for by the purchaser.

International Shipping costs are as follows.

International  Shipping is Free; if the purchase value of is greater than
$200 and if the stone will fit into a Small Flat Rate Priority Box (SFRPB).
Please note that the requirement for fitting into a SFRPB are that the stone be not larger than
192Long x 70Wide x 20mm thick. Under this size a stone will fit into the box including enough

If the purchase value is less than $200 or the stone does not fit into a
SFRPB than the shipping cost will be incurred in full or in part by the
If the stone is larger than 192x70x20mm it will need to be packed in a Medium Flat Rate
Priority Box (MFRPB) or a Large Flat Rate Priority Box (LFRPB) and this is where the
additional Shipping Fees are derived from.

All Domestic and International Return Shipping Costs are to be incurred by
the purchaser.


TheJapanStone is prepared to accept stones for a full refund
       shipping if these conditions are agreed upon and met.
1. The description of the stone shipped was inaccurate of if the condition  
             of the stone was degraded in transit.

TheJapanStone is prepared to issue a full refund
minus any shipping costs
              if these conditions are agreed upon and met.
2. The stone shipped was not to the liking of the purchaser.

If you have any further inquiries or suggestions please feel free to contact
Alex Gilmore at: