Thank you.

I would like to express my sincere and warm thank you for
your continued interest in the Japanese Stones that I have
been importing, piece by piece for these past 10 years.
Thank you

My journey began in 1978 when I had an opportunity to work
as an apprentice carpenter for a family owned and operated
home construction company in rural Ishikawa Prefecture
building traditional jointed post & beam houses. It was then
that I bought my first Narutaki tennen toishi for personal use.
This was the beginning of my collection of these fine stones
and in 2007 I began in earnest exporting and importing large
collections of stones as the business of TheJapanStone.
Many of you reading this have bought a stone from me in
the past, again for those of you, thank you, and for those of
you with some interest, welcome.

                     with my best wishes,  
                                             Alex Gilmore
Please feel free to leave a note
or comment about myself or the
stones that I provide and purvey.

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