Narutaki figured  tomae #801

A totally unique and special figured tomae from the Umegahata Narutaki mine, this tennen
toishi is fine enough to be a finishing stone for razors or for tools. I have shave tested this
stone and got a perfectly smooth and close shave. With a 70mm kanna blade on water only,
some slurry slowly developed and I found swarf in clear water, but with a nagura the cutting
action was typically much faster. I would not call this a self slurrying stone.

The stone is very regular in composition and I can see how the wave pattern also contains  
areas of rouge, pale yellow and faint tones of purple background as it continues from the
front down and through to the back side. There are some ancient gas voids in the stone as
seen on the ends and sides, and one  small pot hole void on the top. The look like they
contain toxic harder particles and they will need to be picked out with a nail of some pointed
tool, a small chore that only needs to be done periodically or when necessary.

The wavy pattern is made of small black particles of what I am guessing is mica, similar to
what is found in karasu patterned stone. Over the years I have bought many rare stones,
visually this is the only example of this wavy pattern I have ever seen. My photos have a hard
time capturing the subtle details in this pattern.

All of my stones come with a tested tomonagura slurry stone.
The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat, the sides dressed and the corners and edges
beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a money back guarantee
minus the return shipping.
Grit Fineness
Size 195-70-25