Narutaki faint green asagi tomae #510

This oversize hand held stone can also be used in a stone holder
but I tested it as a hand held stone. A level 4 to 4+ hardness it will
soak up water and you slurry will dry out in a matter of minutes. It is a
fast cutting and self slurrying stone that is easy to use and I was able
to hone up a razor with very little effort and the resulting shave was
close and comfortable.
There is a area of kawa skin on the back that has a lipstick red color
that is found on the Narutaki stones. No cracks but one end is
undercut as you can see in the photos, there is still a lot of meat left
at this end and ingeneral at 27mm thick many years are built into
this beauty.

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat, the sides dressed and
the corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted.
All of my stones come with a jmoney back guarantee minus the shipping.
All stones are sold with
a money back guarantee
minus return shipping.
Particle Size
8+ to
9+++with slurry
Size in mm
Price $300