Nakayama Tomae #38

Marked on one end under the lacquer is the Maruka mark used in the first half 20th century by
KATO Harunaga-san the owner of the Nakayama Mine

This singular Nakayama stone is loaded with a nashi-ji type pattern usually associated with the
tomae stratas.  There is also a goma or sesame pattern of pinpoint black spots which again
are usually found in the tomae layers. Although technically a tomae because of these variant
indicators found in the tomae strata stone, there is also a random assortment of the tinniest
ancient gas bubble voids typically found in, but in not all suita stone. Coupled with these factors
the gray base color is very even and very hard and of a faint green tint like an asagi. All things
considered if you add up the two lists, tomae vs. suita, it comes out on the side of being an
asagi from a deep tomae strata stone.

The stone has been sealed on the sides, ends and back with thick cashew lacquer by the
previous owner, but one layer of the lacquer on the sides pealed off leaving only a thinnner
layer of the shiny film. The back is still sealed with the full thickness of the cashew lacquer.  
This stone came from a carpentry shop in Fukui, Ishikawa prefecture.

A deep strata stone that is quite hard that requires some skill to use it with just clear water,
however with a slurry made up from a nagura stone or by using a diamond plate to create a
slurry the stone is tamed and very easy to use and jumps into action, easily removing steel and
leaving most high carbon edges with a bright chrome finish. When working on laminated
bi-metal blades, a distinct hazy finish to the softer irons coupled with the bright steel leaves a
classic contrasting effect.

The grit is so fine that I can easily  hone up a carbon steel straight razor in just a few minutes to
shave ready status. The same holds true to tool edges if a razor sharp edge is desired. This
stone will take tool steel to its maximum state of sharpness and the range of sharpening

Nakayama #68 will be shipped totally flat, lapped and the edges beveled and a matching
tested tomonagura will be included.
Grit Fineness
Size 210-76-33
Price $2800 SOLD