This hard dense suita has areas of renge on a gray body with splotches of light buff. All of
the inclusion lines are non-toxic and cannot be felt under the blade and because the fill
minerals are softer the do not leave erratic scratches. A fast cutting and exceedingly fast
stone it is perfect for razors and other shaving edges like kanna plane blades, paring
chisels or carving knives. Excellent form, shape and size, all in all a beefy stone.

The red ink checks on the ends were there when I bought the stone and their meaning is
unknown. This suita like almost any japanese natural stone will leave a variety of finishes
on hard steel depending on how you use it. If you use this stone under running water at a
faucet so that no slurry develops the steel will end up mirror like. If used with a slurry a
matte finish will be the result. The resulting sharpness will be similar because of the
inherent grit particle size, but the bound up grit with no slurry effect provides a finer finish
because only the tops of the grit particles affect the steel, with slurry the full body of the
loose slurry particles create a stippled matte finish to the steel.
Grit Fineness
Size 202-75-28
Price $650 SOLD