A good level 5+ hard suita from the long closed Shobudani mine, this is a
true razor kamisori grade stone capable of honing razors to shave ready. Very
graphic in appearance, all of the lines are totally tight and filled with softer
minerals. The areas of red renge are found down through the stone to
the back but mostly on that one side. The one corner at the upper left in
the photos shows that it is low and not fully lapped in this one area. The rest
of the top is fully lapped with beveled corners.

This suita like almost any japanese natural stone will leave a variety of
finishes on hard steel depending on how you use it. If you use this stone
under running water at a faucet so that no slurry develops the steel will end up
mirror like. If used with a slurry a matte finish will be the result. The resulting
sharpness will be similar because of the inherent grit particle size, but the
bound up grit with no slurry effect provides a finer finish because only the
tops of the grit particles affect the steel, with slurry the full body of the
loose slurry particles create a stippled matte finish to the steel.
Grit Fineness
Size 197-70-16
Price $200 SOLD