Nakayama kiita with Maruka stamps #2

Reads on the stone top from the upper right down, JUN SHOSHIN HONYAMA (pure
specially chosen original mountain very best quailty ) and below center SAIKOKYU (very
best quality) and 23 (an inventory or grading number at the lower left and another 15 on
the top end of the stone. One end of the stone is marked with the number 23. Next to
within a box is the katakana "KA (within a circle meaning Maru) and in kanji SHO HON
YAMA (true original mountian). This was the personal stamp used in the first half 20th
century by KATO Harunaga-san the owner of the Nakayama Mine.

An exceedingly rare and large and faintest of the yellow kiita tennen toishi that has under
currents of rose, slightly more intense yellow and hints of green. It has been tested along
the middle left edge of the top. A spectacular stone with the finest grit that will hone
razors-kamisori to finish plane blades-shiage kanna.

There is one shallow inclusion running across the top that is solid and mineral filled. It is
so shallow that it fades away as it comes down to the lower right and also as it leads off
the left edge as it passes under the ink stamps as you can see in the photos. On the left
side another inclusion appears but if you follow it to the end of the stone from the side
you can see that it only appears at that side and at the back so it will never appear on the
top sharpening area.

The stone has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners and edges beveled and the two
sides have been sanded smooth.  All of my stones come with a money back guarantee
minus the return shipping. This stone will be shipped with a tested tomonagura slurry
Grit Fineness
Size 207-76-32
Price  $4400
All stones are sold with a
money back guarantee
minus the return shipping.