Nakayama iromono tomae #283

A HUGE 1 1/2 inch THICK medium hard level 4+ hone with a variety
of pastel coloration dominated by rouge and pale yellows. Super
smooth it can be used for razors, chisels or plane blades as a finishing
stone. This is one of the easiest stones I have ever used, with a slurry
made with a worn out Atoma #600 diamond plate I was astonished at
how quickly black iron filings were coming from my razors edge and
the razor went from bevel set on 1,000 King to shave ready within
2 minutes. Very satisfying.

I shave test all of my razor hones, this one easily passed HHT4 to 5
results and the shave was better than excellent, close and comfortable.
The back as a partial kawa skin with sparkling black specks that only
the Nakayama stone possess and it is known that as the Nakayama mine
was being shut down that a quantity of these pastel stones were
harvested in larger sizes and dispersed among a group of stones
wholesalers in Kyoto. The light yellow lines are inclusions filled in by
ancient water soluble minerals and are solid and not toxic.

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat, the sides dressed and
the corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my
stones come with a money back guarantee minus the shipping which
will be in a medium Flat Rate Priority Box.
Grit Fineness
Size 140-95-38
weight 1320gm
Price     $1650
All stones are sold with
a money back guarantee
minus return shipping.