#25 Large Nakayama kiita

Mined in the 1800's this very long and very wide but thin iro kiita
tomae with nashiji patterns and areas of rouge has an over all dull
yellow color when dry and brighter more distinct colors when wet.
An amazing stone that is ultra fast, I found that it will bring a razor to
shave ready after a fresh bevel set in 21 strokes per side with slurry
followed by an additional 8 light strokes in clear water. This stone
will come with tested kiita tomo plus a slightly harder asagi tomonagura.
All four sides and the back show patches of kawa skin, were
han sawn and hand shaped with a japanese hand scraper called a sen.

There are inclusions in this stone but none of them can be
felt under the razor, and one corner to the lower left has not been
fully lapped so it is slightly lower. Over time with use this corner
will be flat as the relief is about 2mm.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners
and edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come
with a tested and appropriately sized tomonaguara slurry stone,
and a money back guarantee minus the return shipping.
All stones are sold with a
money back guarantee
minus the return shipping.
Grit Fineness
5 to 5++
Size 233-88-15
in mm
Price $950