Grit Fineness
Size 203-75-43

Price $1100 SOLD

Okudo #141

Huge Okudo tomae. From a long closed up mine, stones of this size and purity are
becoming exceedingly hard to find in Japan. Although very hard if you use some
nagura, tomonagura or a diamond plate nagura this stone realm of keenness. Very
pure from end to end-front to back. This is a professional size an grade stone. The
full kawa skin on the back displays classic Okudo coloration and pattern. The Okudo
mine was within 1/2 mile from the Nakayama mine site in Umegahata valley.

All  of my stones are fully lapped, with beveled edges and corners and are ready to

This stone and the other toishi on my site are from a world class private collection of
over 400 piecesassembled in Japan over the past years in the area around Toyama
by a collector of shaving implements. Iwas lucky enough to purchase total collection
over the last 2 years. Many of the hones were actually used bybarbers and stones
like this are used by professional sharpeners including Toki sword sharpeners. All of
these stone were dug dating to the 1920s or earlieras evidenced by the size and fine
quality of the stones grit composition.