(correct original mountain finish suita strata stone).

And at the lower left MITSU KIRI or three cuts.

A big heavy full size awasedo in a lovely buff color that I would call kiita, there is a softer mineral
line running through the stone that does not affect the structural integrity or the cutting qualities
of this stone in any way.

The is a true high grade finishing stone and it will cut the hardest steels very quickly with black
iron and steel showing with the first strokes of the blade leaving the steel slightly hazy with a
complex grit pattern.

Not really one of the hardest stones by any means but a hard enough to be a classified as a
professional grade stone. Using these lighter colored stones is a pure pleasure and in
general, and this one is no exception, they tend to cut quicker than the grey stones. The dried
slurry is a light yellow buff similar to the line that runs across the stone.

The back of the stone shows areas of the outer skin called kawa.

HARDNESS                       Based on scale 1-10    9-   
GRIT                                                  scale 1-10    10-   
CUTTING SPEED/STRENGTH          1-10   10-  10+*

*If a diamond plate induced slurry is used.