Umegahata uchigumori suita #1119

This ultra fine uchigumori stone is from the Tenjyou layer but I am not
sure which mine it came from other then to say that it came from a source
that has a large concentration of Okudo stones in storage from the
Umegahata valley. It is a softer stone in the hardness range of 4 to 4+
so it does absorb water easily.

I have honed a razor with this stone after a 1,000 grit King bevel set, the
finish on this stone took just a few minutes and then shaved with it, the
save was close and comfortable and was only slightly lacking in keenness
when compared to some of my other stones. This stone while sharpening
will also polish a knife providing the classic kasumi finish which is a hazy
surface. It has been lapped flat but there is an small area on the top that
had some darker minerals dug out. This you can see in the photos.

The back (ura) of the stone has been lapped so it can be used just as
successfully as the front (hada) side. The sides have also been sanded.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners and
edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a
money back guarantee minus the return shipping.
Grit Fineness
Size 195-70-30
Price  $225  SOLD