Unknown mine suita #1110

I am not exactly sure which mine this came from beyond that it was stock
from an Okudo supplier. I am convinced that it is from the Umegahata valley.

This is a unique stone, at first glance it is a karasu pattern toishi that
should be hard and from the deep Aisa layer, but then if you look closely
there is a red renge pattern, so it should be a suita toishi. This is a suita
stone and probably from the Tenjyou layer and the karasu pattern is just
incidental. A medium hard stone I feel it is better suited for knives, it still is
fast cutting and will quickly raise a black swarf of high carbon steel
european western steel or japanese hard carbon steel. It is fine enough to
use as a bevel setter for razors and extra fine for knives. It will be shipped
with a tested piece of Odori nagura.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners and
edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a
money back guarantee minus the return shipping.
Grit Fineness
Size  204-51to60-30
Price  $250 SOLD